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Hope. Equity. Opportunity.


"It remains the honor of a lifetime to serve our community as the State Representative from House District 53. I am running for reelection because I believe that our best days here in Colorado are still ahead of us. Together, we can build a future full of hope, equity, and opportunity for each and every Coloradan."


February 22, 2024

Here's why the latest Front Range passenger rail plan might just work

 Phase 1 of the Northwest Front Range Passenger Rail system would be the foundation to build local service and enhance chances for a voter-approved, ongoing funding source that could expand service and increase frequency, the plan notes. The near-term goal would also support efforts already in motion for full passenger rail service from Pueblo to Fort Collins.


March 19, 2024

Legislation to Strengthen Protections for Mobile Home Park Residents Passes Committee

"Over the years, we’ve stepped up to improve protections for Coloradans living in mobile parks, and this bill clarifies crucial components of the Mobile Home Park Act and rent-to-own contracts,” said Rep. Andrew Boesenecker, D-Fort Collins.


“We’re continuing to improve protections for mobile home park residents by ensuring that both parties in a rent-to-own agreement are informed of their rights and responsibilities. We're working to ensure that mobile homes remain affordable, and this bill protects our neighbors and keeps our communities whole."


February 26, 2024

Colorado has allocated millions of dollars this year to governments and housing organizations planning to build affordable units 

The state departments of local affairs and economic development and the Colorado Housing Finance Authority, for example, have awarded nearly $80 million to local governments and housing organizations that plan to build affordable units using funds solely from Proposition 123.

The first rounds of funds are being awarded while state leaders work to find other ways to address the affordable housing crisis facing Coloradans, such as an initiative announced last week to help curb evictions and keep people in their homes statewide.


March 25, 2024

How Wyatts Towing allegedly circumvented Colorado's new towing law

– and why legislators are pushing for further reform 

Led by Rep. Andrew Boesenecker, a Fort Collins Democrat, the legislators introduced a radical proposal that would have fundamentally changed the way towing is conducted in the state. The drafted bill said, in most cases, private property owners would pay for tows from their lots — not the owners of the vehicles.

The proposed bill would, though, strictly limit who would be allowed to authorize tows – a change consumer advocates praised even as key portions of the original bill would be left on the cutting room floor.


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