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Hope. Equity. Opportunity.


"It remains the honor of a lifetime to serve our community as the State Representative from House District 53. I am running for reelection because I believe that our best days here in Colorado are still ahead of us. Together, we can build a future full of hope, equity, and opportunity for each and every Coloradan."


September 29, 2023

The radical idea to combat Colorado’s predatory towing problem


Boesenecker said he loves the idea. He and Connolly are working on new language that could replace or add to the drafted towing bill. The devil, as always, is in the details. And the unlikely tandem understands [...]



April 13, 2023

Colorado legislators introduce bill to ban 'ghost guns'


Senate Bill 23-279 prohibits the possession, sale, or transfer of an unserialized firearm, frame, or receiver. It also prohibits the fabrication of a firearm, frame, or receiver — including via a 3D printer — unless done by a federally licensed firearm manufacturer.

The bill is sponsored by State Representatives Andrew Boesenecker and Junie Joseph, both Democrats.


July 22, 2023

Many mobile home park residents in Colorado are afraid to drink the water


While no data is available to show how widespread the issue is, some legislators said the complaints they've received make them believe many mobile home parks don't meet federal drinking water standards. Until recently, the state didn't require testing.

“We don’t know other than what residents are telling us," said state Rep. Andrew Boesenecker, a Democrat from Fort Collins. "There are pieces that are alarming to anybody, like taste and odor, and where you wouldn’t want to put your kids in the tub at night.”


January 25, 2023

States pursue roundabout rules for trucks


State lawmakers in multiple states are pursuing action to improve safety in roundabouts. The states of Indiana, Washington and Wisconsin have acted in recent years to address concern about how to maneuver with large trucks through the increasingly popular traffic pattern.



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